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Therapy for Academic Professionals

At Cadence Psychology Studio, we enjoy working with academic professionals (faculty and staff) to reduce burnout and anxiety, improve stress management, and create sustainable work-life balance. We know how fulfilling and stressful your academic career can be. You may be experiencing pressure from multiple sources to keep up, show up, and outperform, while simultaneously feeling isolated, fatigued, and endlessly stressed. It can be difficult to reach out for help. There are always more tasks to do, more funding to secure, and more projects to oversee. Even though it makes sense that others would benefit from professional support, perhaps you worry what others might think about you - or even what you might think about yourself - if you were to need additional support. Whether you want to learn stress-management techniques, set better boundaries, cultivate more self-compassion, or explore what might be driving specific relationship patterns, let us come alongside you and provide support as you navigate life's unique challenges and opportunities. 

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