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Spiral Stairs
Therapy for Executives & Leaders

There's something about a high-achieving orientation that leaves you with unexpected feelings...


The loneliness and isolation is surprising. You wonder if there is more to life or if would it be okay for there to be less. The on-edge feeling that keeps you moving, creating, performing, producing is unsettling at times. There is so much pressure to have all the answers, to always be optimistic and inspiring, and to feel a certain way about your successes. You want to feel good, but the constant push and pull - from others and yourself - is tiresome. ​

We want to help you craft a life that feels more authentic and free. 


We love working with executives, leaders, and other high-achieving, successful professionals to reduce anxiety, improve motivation levels, cultivate self-compassion, and build optimal work-life balance without sacrificing career success. We integrate action-oriented approaches with supportive, exploratory approaches to help you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities faced by highly successful individuals.

Perhaps you are considering therapy to improve work relationships or process through leadership decisions and dynamics. Maybe your personal life needs some fine-tuning in the areas of romance, parenting, friendship, or family-of-origin relationships. Perhaps you simply want to set aside time each week to invest in your wellbeing.


Whatever it is that brings you here, you hold so much...Let us be the space holder for you.


To learn more about therapy for executives and leaders, book a FREE 15-minute phone consult, or schedule your first session, call or text 317-747-0574 or visit our contact page

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