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Therapy for Therapists, Helpers, & Healers

As a therapist, helper, or healer, you are still human...

A human with needs...for support, connection, validation, expression...There are an array of reasons you chose this work - this very meaningful work. And often, these reasons are why individual therapy can be so powerfully transformative for you, your relationships, and even your professional work. ​

We love working with mental health professionals (psychologists, counselors, social workers) and other helpers and healers.

Perhaps you are seeking individual therapy to strengthen your comfort level with emotion or to cultivate self-compassion. Maybe you want to explore how to prevent burnout, process compassion fatigue, or build more optimal work-life balance. Perhaps you would like to address trauma and attachment wounds from childhood or explore challenging patterns and dynamics in your current relationships. Maybe you are just longing for someone to hold space for you...just as you do for others every day.


Whatever it is that brings you here, we know that caring for the needs of others can make it challenging to prioritize your own emotional needs.


We also know that, just because you are in the profession, you are not necessarily exempt from feeling the shame and stigma that surrounds mental health. With understanding and sensitivity toward what it is like to be on the couch - asking for help versus giving help - we honor the courage (and precious time and energy) it takes to reach out for your own support, and we are committed to working with you to experience your own healing and transformation.

You hold so much...Let us be the space-holder for you.

To learn more about therapy for therapists, book a FREE 15-minute phone consult, or schedule your first session, call or text 317-747-0574 or visit our contact page

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