Getting Started at 
Cadence Psychology Studio

Making an Appointment

The first step is to contact me. We can discuss your needs and what counseling entails. If we determine we are a good fit for each other, I will schedule your appointment and send you intake documents. Please note: All intake paperwork must be completed by all clients before your first appointment, and I require a credit card to remain on file. You will be sent intake paperwork electronically, through my secure, encrypted, and HIPAA-compliant email address ( and through my electronic health record (Therapy Notes). 


  • Because my email address is secure, you will be prompted to create a passphrase in order to access the email. PLEASE remember this passphrase exactly as you enter it because it will be the passphrase you use to access email from me in the future. If you forget your passphrase, it can be reset, but you will lose access to all previous email exchanges. After scheduling your intake appointment, you will receive an email from me that will provide access to a secure and electronic intake form. I require all clients to fill out the secure forms completely before your first appointment. 

Our First Session

The first session is called an intake session and will last 55-60 minutes. During the intake, I will ask questions about what brought you in and what you’re hoping to accomplish through therapy. We will discuss your diagnosis and outline a treatment plan together. We will then schedule a follow-up session. 

Throughout Therapy

Our follow-up appointments will last about 55 minutes. Clients are typically seen on a weekly basis. The most successful clients come to therapy prepared to talk about what they’re going through and are ready to work on what brings them to therapy. 


Throughout our sessions, we will check in on your progress and discuss your treatment plan together. I always strive to collaborate on your care. Although I may be an expert in psychology (relationships, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors), you are the expert on your self. Thus, I value your feedback concerning what is most helpful and supportive. 

As you progress, we may reduce the frequency of appointments. For clients who are nearing the end of treatment, I am open to booster sessions or monthly check-ins. I also understand with busy schedules and finances, we may need to figure out an appointment frequency that works for your life. In addition, I welcome past clients back to treatment at any time.


Follow-Up Appointments

After our first few sessions together, we will schedule out several therapy sessions. I tend to prefer, as do most of my clients, that we schedule a weekly appointment that occurs on the same day and time each week (although there can be flexibility within this). 


If you are a current client, you can also self-schedule through my client portal.



If you are unable to make your appointment, you can call or email me. I require at least a 24-hour notice for a cancellation or rescheduling to avoid a late fee. You can learn more about my cancellation policy and late cancellation fees here



All services will be billed at the time of service to your credit card on file. You can learn more about my rates here.


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