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Specializing in anxiety therapy, couples therapy, and trauma therapy in Carmel, Indiana.

Getting Started With Therapy

Having Questions About the Process of Starting Therapy? ​


We want to help increase your comfort level with getting started. Keep reading to learn more and strengthen your confidence to take this loving leap for yourself. 

Making an Appointment

The first step is to complete our contact form so that we can better understand your needs and what you are hoping to address in therapy. We will then reach out via email to schedule your initial appointment. Once the appointment is confirmed, we will send instructions on how to complete the electronic paperwork, which will be sent through our electronic health record (Therapy Notes). 


Completing Electronic Paperwork

Please note: All electronic paperwork must be completed by all clients at least 24 hours before the first appointment, otherwise the session will need to be rescheduled. We require a credit card to remain on file.


Therapy Notes is the Electronic Health Record Cadence Psychology Studio uses to document client encounters. After scheduling your initial appointment, you will receive an email from to create an account on the client portal. If you have scheduled couples therapy, both of you will receive an email to create separate accounts on the client portal. This special link is specifically for you, and should not be shared with anyone else. The link will expire 7 days after you receive the email; please create your account as soon as you receive the invitation. Once you create an account, you can then complete the paperwork that is housed within the client portal.

Your First Few Sessions

Your first few sessions will involve an evaluation of your needs. Your therapist will therapeutically gather information on the problem that brings you to therapy as well as the background factors that may be contributing to the problem (such as family of origin, biological, psychological, and social aspects). Information from the initial session(s) is then used to guide treatment planning and to collaboratively develop therapy goals. For couples therapy, the first session typically involves both partners, followed by 1-2 individual sessions with each partner, before meeting altogether again to discuss treatment goals.



During these initial sessions, you and your therapist can both decide if your therapist is the best person to provide the services you need in order to meet your treatment goals. If both of you agree to move forward with therapy, you and your therapist will discuss the frequency of therapy sessions that best fits your needs. In general, your therapist will recommend to begin with weekly visits to build momentum and develop the therapeutic relationship. Progress will be evaluated and adjustments will be made as needed. Typically, one session is an appointment hour of 45-50 minutes duration. Sessions will need to end promptly in order for the therapist to document the session, return phone calls, etc.

Throughout Therapy

Follow-up appointments will last 45-50 minutes. Clients are typically seen on a weekly basis. The most successful clients come to therapy prepared to talk about what they’re going through and are ready to work on what brings them to therapy. 


Throughout your sessions, we will check in on your progress and discuss your treatment plan together. We will always strive to collaborate with you on your care. Although we may be an expert in mental health, you are the expert on your self. Thus, we value your feedback concerning what is most helpful and supportive. 

As you progress, we may collaboratively decide to reduce the frequency of your appointments. For clients who are nearing the end of treatment, we are open to booster sessions or monthly check-in appointments. We also understand that due to busy schedules and finances, we may need to figure out an appointment frequency that works for your life. In addition, we welcome past clients back to treatment at any time as we understand managing new seasons of life can often benefit from extra support.


Follow-Up Appointments

After your first few sessions, we will schedule out several therapy sessions. It is often preferred that weekly appointments are scheduled to occur on the same day and time each week (although there can be flexibility within this).

Getting Started: Welcome
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